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Edna's Tips

Tips on healthy vegetarian cooking, fruit and vegetable dehydration, plant care, gardening, nature's remedies from Dave's wife

So much to offer!  Here's a start.


Savory Vegan Cooking

Edna's Recipes
Chia Seed Recipe Ideas
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See also Open Directory Project listing of Vegan Recipes
General Principles of Diet (variety, combining, in the season thereof)
See Health index
Dangers of Genetically Engineered Foods
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Dehydrating Food

Fruit Leather Innovations
Banana slices (natural three-way splitting, lemon juice sprinkling)
Steamed Zucchini with touch of lime as a base for fruit leather
Vegetable dehydrating

Green Thumb

Solarium Plants (Edna maintains approximately 100 indoor plants)
Outdoor Plants
Gardening - Organic, Fertilizing, Raised Earth planting
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Health Remedies

Proper Diet (see Savory Vegan Cooking above)
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Grape Seed Extract - Ivory Coast LDS mission 'widow of Nain'-like story of vial that would not run out, healing many and preserving health.
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Resource Recommendations

Dr. Weil
"Ask Dr. Weil" website
Eating Well for Optimal Health - Dr. Weil's new book
Prevention Magazine

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Biographical Sketch of Edna Love Ramsay Allan - by her husband D.W.A.



Write to Edna Allan at P.O. Box 66, Fountain Green, Utah 84642


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