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Active and potential research regarding the new Gravitational Theory and its relation to the new Unified Field Theory.

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Active Research

Detection of UV Radiation Coming from Diallel-line Quantum Transitions (8/22/00) "Observed continuous diallel-line quantum emissions at 420 nm." (9/9/00)
Affirmative Results: plumb bob displacement with introduction of energy density source (8/4/00)
Pendulum Experiment -- Gravitational Pull Effected by Energy Density Variation
Magic of an Egg

Potential Research

List of Validations and Proposed Experiments - New Unified Field Theory models, evidence, potential uses, including energy density component in gravity, nuclear explosion columns explained, sunspot predictability, magnetic field, electromagnetic spectrum wave descriptions.
Electron Wheel
Liquid Nitrogen Simulation of Aurora Borealis - Unified Field Theory explains Auroras Borealis and Australis based on diallel field lines. A laboratory experiment properly combining magnetic and gravitational fields is suggested as validation.
Science Fair Project Ideas -- Proving New Gravity Theory - An egg balanced on end compensates for increased breeze, but its servo does not respond fast enough if the wind is suddenly stopped; it topples.

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