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Internationally recognized leader in the field of precise time and frequency measurements, David W. Allan introduces a new unified field theory.

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Unified Field Theory (outline, while journal publication pending)
Overview (Sept. 16, 2000)
Introduction (Aug. 26, 2000)
Original Paper (Dec. 1999) Newly Released, Aug. 29, 2000
List of Validations
New Theory of Gravity
Nuclear Blast on Moon Would Also Have Columnar Shape
Alignment of Planets and Magnetic Field-Sun Interactions
Detection of UV Radiation Coming from Diallel-line Quantum Transitions
Affirmative Results: plumb bob displacement with introduction of energy density source
Pendulum Experiment to Show Effect of Energy Density Component
The 'Magic' of an Egg Models new Gravity Theory
Science Fair Project Ideas -- Proving New Gravity Theory
Electron 'wheel' experiment proposal
Liquid Nitrogen Simulation of Aurora Borealis
List of Publications by David W. Allan, including
List of publications available on-line
List of publications available in PDF format
Allan Variance Algorithm Explained
The Science of Timekeeping
Synchronous Modulation Detection
Pending Book: GPS and Precision Timing Principles: Applications and Opportunities
Index of Health, Emphasizing Plant-based Diet
Some Thoughts on a Healthy Diet
Edna's Tips on Healthy Cooking, Dehydration, Gardening, Plant Care
Allan's Solar Home: Design and Explanation
Trombe Wall - Essentials, Advantages, Related Sites
David W. Allan Biography
List of Spiritual Writings and Topics
Anthology on Time
Dave's Wife: Edna Love Ramsay Allan

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