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An Electron Wheel to Measure Diallel Field Lines

electron wheelFor illustrative purposes, imagine two semicircles with the diameters together and with the current circulating in opposite directions in each of the two. Thus, the current would flow in the same direction along the conducting diameter. If the electrons could be made to bind to the diallel lines, then they would be spaced in bundles associated with each line along the diameter -- the diameter being at right angles to these lines. Bound by the quantum forces, these bundles of electrons would move with the diallel lines. The return current in each of the semicircles would be moving rapidly across the diallel lines if, for example, the diameter is crossing the diallel lines as in a satellite.

If an oscillator could be designed to both sense these pulses and to balance their movement in order to overcome the resistance in the semicircle loops, then this oscillator's frequency would be locked to the frequency of passage of the diallel lines. This would be like a space odometer. If this oscillator could be locked with no slips, this could, in principle, precisely map the number of the diallel lines.

Against a good reference-frequency standard, this could yield very precise information about the mass density of the earth as the density of these lines changes with the mass density from which they originate. This could allow fine detailed measurements of changes in these diallel lines due to sub-earth surface activities -- volcanic, and otherwise. This may also allow a greatly improved estimate of the higher-order moments of the earth's gravitational field. Mapping super-earth changes in diallel lines could result from energy-density changes due to weather storm systems or other man-made activities.

On the surface of the earth, a highly precise diallel odometer could be compared with an accurate distance device -- noting changes on an arc along the face of the earth. Studies along an earthquake fault may allow the monitoring of stress build up and earth quake prediction. The latter is not able to be done with any level of confidence at this time.

If the diameters in this electron wheel were a plate, orthogonal to the diallel lines, with sensors for counting the pulses at the edge of the plate, this would increase the efficiency and the information. The counter-rotating loops are necessary to add to zero the EMF contributed by local DC magnetic fields, and these fields need to be nominally homogeneous for adequate cancellation of their force effects on the electrons. These loops should probably be made as small as possible to minimize their cross-sectional area. In a sophisticated system, the local magnetic fields could be sensed, and the two loops adjusted to obtain complete cancellation of magnetic field forces on the electrons.

At GPS orbits, the estimated frequency of the local oscillator would be about 200 MHz. This seems to be a very do-able experiment. It could be done in the space shuttle.

Since the diallel field line spacing can be influenced by the energy fields coming from any of all the sources, this instrument would be very sensitive to those changes. This proposed instrument would be very useful in designing an anti-gravity machine -- providing a measurement of one's ability to control and utilize the diallel gravitational field lines.

In the above, we have assumed that the spacing of the diallel field lines at the surface of the earth is about 10 micrometers. The first author's experience with standing numerous eggs is consistent with this value as one observes the locking range of the egg's built-in servo for causing it to stand on end.

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