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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site, along with giving you other tidbits of timely information germane to the site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

Newest Web Additions:

David Allan is currently working on some [non-disclosure] global communications and navigation applications (Synchronistic Modulation Detection) utilizing the theory presented on this site.
Spiritual > The BOOK of All Books -- That Changed the World (Dec. 4, 2015) 2014
Health > Hormone imbalance; how to overcome this major societal problem (May 22, 2014)
Note: the hosting service for this site went offline without telling us in May, 2014, causing us to have to revert to a 1.5-year old version. We're in process of repopulating the content.
Government > The Difference Between Liberty and Freedom by Jim Noorlander (July 4, 2012)
Allan Variance > Inspiration for "Allan Variance" (June 27, 2012)
Government > Wake Up Americans! Fulfill Your Destiny! (May 30, 2012)
Government > The land of the Free, Prepared by the Lord – How a Utopian society (ZION) will come out of it – An historical perspective (May 30, 2012)
Government > Is Our Defense for our defense? If not, what can we do? - Includes perspectives on 9/11 being an inside job. (May 27, 2012)
Spiritual / Government > - Includes perspectives on 9/11 being an inside job. ( 27 August 2010)
Government > Barack Obama and the enemies within - A dear friend of ours gave us a copy of a talk that Trevor Loudon gave in Colorado in March, 2012, which is basically a summary of his book, Barack Obama and the Enemies Within. It is an incredibly informative talk, and so we have gone to the effort of converting it into two MP3 files. ( Apr. 23, 2012)
Scientific Papers > Conversion of Frequency Stability Measures from the Time-domain to the Frequency-domain, vice-versa and Power-law Spectral Densities (pdf); January 26, 2012.
Spiritual > Why Does God, Who is Good, Create Evil? - A review of the scriptures regarding the supremacy of agency and the role of suffering, chastisement, and overcoming through Christ. (June 15, 2011)
Spiritual > TRUTH vs. truth - David Allan says that scientific truth evolves over time as knowledge increases; while eternal truths are unchanging. (February 20, 2011)
How are we saved? What does the Bible say? - Are we saved by grace? YES! Are we saved by works? YES! How can this be? Which is it, GRACE or WORKS? Can it be both? (February 20, 2011)
Government > D.W.A. Lecture at Freedom Week 2010 - On Sept. 29, 2010, David Allan spoke at America's Freedom Education Week at the McKay Events Center at the Utah Valley University in Orem, UT.  This page is a collection of downloads and links supplemental to his presentation titled: Love – The First Law of Heaven, Healing Our Nation
Government > What is the Perfect Law of Liberty, and How is This Cornerstone to Our Personal Liberty? (Apr. 16, 2010)
Spiritual > Scientists Discover Divine Ratio: The Great Octagon of the Hopewell Civilization - Scientists discover the "divine ratio" in ancient North American ruins. One scientist said that these discoveries are more exciting than “putting a man on the moon”. These discoveries bring science and religion together and make them the most significant discoveries that I have seen in my life time. (March 3, 2010)
Spiritual > Coming to Christ to Overcome Addictions
Health > Run and Not Be Weary - EXERCISE is an important part of the Lord’s program – Designed to bring Fulfillment and Joy (Nov. 14, 2009)
Edna's Tips > Chia Seed Recipe Ideas (July 21, 2009)
Health > - A Recently Discovered Super Food that was an Ancient American Food – Organic and all Natural as well (May 16, 2009)
Health > The Ideal Meal - Includes a review of two of Michael Pollan books: Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food, documenting the disaster our industrialized food system has created. ( February 27, 2009)
Health > Reversal of Health Challenges and Health Procedures to Counter Aging - How healthy diet and exercise has addressed problems including: arrhythmia; arteriosclerosis; arthritis; debilitating back injury; blood circulation problems; constipation; symptoms of dementia; eye-sight degeneration; overweight challenges; prostate challenges; and excessive epistaxis. (29 August 2008)
Health > Vitamin D: To be free from influenza and many diseases - The type of Vitamin D that is so beneficial to the immunity system is nearly exclusively activated by exposure to high-angle sun exposure, hence the higher incidence of the flu and cold in the Winter months. A UVB lamp can answer the deficit. (November 20, 2007)
Spiritual > DNA and the Book of Mormon - A review of Rodney Meldrum’s new DNA evidence that has come forth since the DVD, "DNA versus the Book of Mormon" was made. This new evidence, in contrast to the first, appears to provide support for the Book of Mormon as well as and an interesting geographic paradigm for the events therein. (Nov. 16, 2007)
Spiritual > Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust; by Immaculée Ilibagiza - Book report on this true story. (May 13, 2007)
Health > Our Experience with Grapefruit Seed Extract (May 13, 2007)
Spiritual > ALL ABOUT LOVE: Finding, keeping, understanding, and enjoying true love in your life - True love is pure and is the path to the greatest happiness in time and eternity. Additionally, it leads to the solution of all problems. In Contrast, distorted love leads to most of the problems we have in society. And aid for identifying and overcoming sexual addiction. (March 25, 2007)
Spiritual > What is the most important common holiday of the year for Arab, Jew, and Gentile? Christmas, Passover, Easter, etc. - Traditions often lead us down strange roads – very different from the reason for which they were started. Such is the case with most major holidays. A perspective here is very helpful in giving us a better focus in our lives as it relates to our important holidays. (Oct. 14, 2006)
Spiritual > A Wake-up Call from Abraham Lincoln - turn to God and live. (Posted Feb. 15, 2006)
Spiritual > Baptism with Fire - Compilation of verses (Dec. 28, 2005)
Health > How to be Healthy; or How to be sick - the American Way - A review of The China Study, the most comprehensive health report ever compiled. (April 2005)
Spiritual / Health > Am I BORN AGAIN of Body, Mind, and Spirit? (Posted Nov. 17, 2004)
Health > Healing My Back Pain (Posted Nov. 15, 2004)
Health > The Abundant Life: Regeneration or Degeneration, Your Choice - based, in part, on the book Brain Longevity by Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.  (Jan. 2004)
Health > How to BE Healed from Disease - review of great resources.  (Jan. 2004)
Spiritual > Book Review > To Him That Believeth: Claiming Heaven's Blessings - power of forgiveness. (Dec. 26, 2003)
Spiritual > Book Review > There Is No Death - NDE of Sarah Menet, with some scientific and spiritual perspectives added by DWA. (Aug. 2003)
Publications > David W. Allan, Directions 2003 (scroll to end of page): Experts are considering a new definition for Universal Coordinated Time; GPS World; January 2003; pp.30,32.
Spiritual > Gifts of God - anthology of scriptures on the subject. (Jan. 2003)
Health (link) > Dr. Lorraine Day's Website - "Cancer doesn't scare me any more."  Natural, Alternative Therapies for all Diseases and Special Facts about Cancer and AIDS
Spiritual > We are in Touch with Eternity - Spiritual Ramifications of New Unified Field Theory; Article on God and Man by David W. Allan (June. 2002)
UFT > Spiritual Ramifications > "Miracles of Mind" and the New Unified Field Theory - Describes seven spectral bands in the diallel line communication channels. (Jan. 16, 2002)
Related Sites > Replacing Einstein's SR and GR: A Unified Classical Theory of the Electric, Magnetic and Gravitational Forces -- Bruce Harvey
Health > Fats: For Your Health (by Monique N. Gilbert) - Health benefits of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats of plant products turn to particularly unhealthy trans or partially hydrogenated fats when manufactured into solid form, even more than the saturated fats of animal products. (12/14/01)
Spiritual > Gratitude: Mendenhall Fireside Report and Anthology (10/25/01)
Publications > D. W. Allan, Neil Ashby, Gus R. German; A New Paradigm for High Accuracy Orbit Determination at the Centimeter Level; ION GPS 2001. (9/25/01)
Health > Water, the Remarkable Panacea! - It seems too good to be true that such a simple procedure (drink eight-eight ounce glasses of water a day) could provide such astounding benefits. (9/25/01)
Newsletter > Allan's TIME Newsletter Archive (8/2/01)
Government > Socrates and Democracy - Socrates decries tendency for less-enlightened mob rule. Pays with his life. (7/30/01)
Spiritual > Anthology on Time - potpourri of quotes (4/24/01)
Unified Field Theory > The Function of Diallel Lines in Personal Communication and Learning -- The Spiritual Internet - A Working Model by Sterling D. Allan (4/5/01)
Allan Variance > Use in Radio-astronomical Instrumentation - Dr. Rudolf Schieder of the University of Cologne gives a partial listing of AVAR relevant papers. (3/26/01)
Book Report > Magic Trees of the Mind : How to Nurture Your Child's Intelligence, Creativity, and Healthy Emotions from Birth Through Adolescence -- by Marian Diamond, Janet L. Hopson (3/7/01)
Book Report > The Soul's Remembrance : Earth is not our home by Roy Mills (3/7/01)
Solar Home > Trombe Wall - Essentials, Advantages, Related Sites (2/3/01)
Publications: Synchronistic Modulation Detection - Incorporating new unified field theory for inexpensive, highly accurate navigation.  'Directions 2001' article by DWA published in GPS World, Dec. 2000.
News: Up-to-date Science News Headlines (12/13/00)
Intro: Overview -- New Unified Field Theory (9/16/00)
Book Report: Heavenly Answers for Earthly Challenges : Near-Death Experience Reveals How to Make Certain You Enjoy the Other Side When You Get There (8/20/00)
Forum: Allan'sTIME Discussion Board @ (9/4/00)
Publications: Exciting News for New Unified Field Theory (UFT) - Write up now available; additional validation information and experiments. (8/29/00)
Research: Detection of UV Radiation Coming from Diallel-line Quantum Transitions (8/22/00)
Research: Affirmative Results: plumb bob displacement with introduction of energy density source (8/4/00)
Press Release: Increased Solar Flare Activity and Planet Alignment Correlated (6/9/00)
Publications: List of Independent References to the Allan Variance (6/6/00)
Publications: The Science of Timekeeping (6/6/00)
Essay: Nuclear Blast on Moon Would Also Have Columnar Shape (5/17/00)
Essay: Planetary Alignment and Magnetic Field Interaction (5/5/00)
Edna: Edna's Tips on Healthy Cooking, Dehydration, Gardening, Plant Care (4/27/00)
Health: Some Thoughts on a Healthy Diet (4/22/00)
Publications: New Theory of Gravity -- A Brief Introduction (3/31/00)
Research: Science Fair Project Ideas -- Proving New Gravity Theory (3/30/00)
Forum: UFT Newsletter (3/21/00)
Privacy Policy (3/21/00)
UFT Discussion Page (3/21/00) [archived] Moved to MyComputer server (9/4/00)
Research: Proposed Research: Liquid Nitrogen Simulation of Aurora Borealis (3/6/00)
Research: Pendulum Experiment Results -- Gravitational Pull Effected by Energy Density Variation (2/18/00)
Publications: Introductory Cover Letter for Readers of the New Unified Field Theory Paper (2/12/00)
Bio: Brief Biography of Dave's Wife: Edna Love Ramsay Allan (2/7/00)
Links: Related Sites (1/26/00)
Theory: Unified Field Theory Gallery (1/26/00)
Research: Updated with photos: The Magic of an Egg Explained -- New Gravitational Theory Evidenced in a Simple Kitchen Experiment (1/26/00)
Spiritual: Faith of a Scientist: Index of Spiritual Writings by D.W.A. (1/16/00)
Bio: Allan's Solar Home: Design and Explanation (1/16/00)
Publications: Six IEEE publications by D.W.A. available in PDF (1/13/99)
Publications: The Impact of Precise Time in Our Lives: A Historical and Futuristic Perspective Surrounding GPS (1/12/99)
Publications: The Science of Timekeeping (Hewlett Packard Application Note 1289)
Publications: GPS World article Dec. 1999 (12/24/99)

Press Releases

Increased Solar Flare Activity and Planet Alignment Correlated (6/9/00)
Nuclear Blast on Moon Would Also Have Columnar Shape (5/16/00)
Planetary Alignment and Magnetic Field Interaction (5/5/00)
Experimental Evidence for New Gravitational Theory -- Gravitational Pull Effected by Energy Density Variation -- New model for gravity pending publication.

Related News Items

Unexplained Gravitational Effect in Spacecraft Trajectories ( "Space probes using Earth to slingshot their way outward into the solar system appear to have received an extra boost by a mysterious force -- perhaps an unknown component of gravity." (Nov. 26, 2000.)
Mystery Force Tugs Distant Probes (BBC) May 15, 2001
Why has our weather gone wild?
Brazilian physicist releases Anti-gravity Secrets (CSETI)
"......So, we can easily conclude that the gravitational forces can be reduced, nullified and inverted by means of electromagnetic radiation."
Glimpse of 'God Particle' Reported (Washington Post)
Atom-Smasher Upgrade on Hold as Physicists Pursue Object
U.S. Planned Nuclear Blast on the Moon, Physicist Says (New York Times)

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