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Magic Trees of the Mind


I just finished reading the book "Magic Trees of the Mind" by Dr. Marian Diamond and Janet Hopson.  It is a must read for everyone, and I would like to feature it on our web site.

I discovered Dr. Diamond's work nearly a year and a half ago while doing research on the web for my book.  I was particularly looking for the effect of music (proper frequency environment) on learning and on the brain.  In 1963, Dr. Diamond and colleagues were able to demonstrate that one can grow the brain by providing it a proper environment, which definitely includes good music.  It reminds one immediately of the video, "Music of the Heart."

The brain is like a muscle, you use it our loose it.  If you use it properly, you get an increase.  By far the greatest growth benefits come from conception to about 7 or 8 years of age.  The benefits are incredible, and this information is definitely something that everyone should know. Hundreds of scientific papers have come out of her work, and she gives some excellent resource information as part of her book.

I specifically want to feature it because it ties in so beautifully to the new UFT we are working on.  I plan to write an article and a book report in this regard -- to help explain the grand harmony when body, mind and spirit are brought into unity as part of the great plan of an infinitely loving and personal Heavenly Father.  The diallel structure in the UFT as in ties into the dendrites of the brain is the heart and core of the issue.  This is a totally unexplored area of research and is really exciting.

David W. Allan
March 01, 2001

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