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A Unified Field Theory and Some Experimental Evidence

(Original UFT  paper)

Contains portions that were edited from the shorter version later submitted to Science.  See Aug. 2000 comment.

David W. Allan, Ranae Lee and Jeff Lorbeck

December, 1999

The following on-line version is subdivided into smaller portions.  For ease in printing, click here for the whole document.


1 Introduction
1.1 Basic Concepts
List of Validations and/or Applications
1.2 Combining the Force Fields
2 The Current and New Model for the Force Fields
2.1 The Current Model for the Force Fields
2.2 The New Model for Force Fields
2.2.1 The new model for the gravitational field
3 The Fundamental Field Equation
3.1 Density Dependence, D
3.2 Parallel Component (A2)
4 Characteristics of Equation (1)
4.1 Density and Energy relationship
4.2 Behavior of Particles in the Unified Field Theory
4.2.1 Behavior of Electrons
4.2.2 Behavior of Protons
4.2.3 Behavior of Neutrons
4.2.4 Behavior of Photons
4.3 Quantum-mechanical Concepts and Diallel Gravitational Field Lines
5 Experimental Verification of the Theory
5.1 Atomic Bomb Reaction
5.2 A Simple Kitchen Experiment -- the magic of an egg
5.3 Core Heating of the Earth
5.4 Anti-gravity
5.5 Tesla's Earth Pumping Radio-Frequency Experiment
5.6 Jumping on a Trampoline
5.7 An Electron Wheel to Measure Diallel Field Lines
5.8 Aurora Borealis and the Earth's Magnetic Field
5.9 Liquid Nitrogen simulation of Aurora Borealis
5.10 Blue Jets, Red Sprites and Elfs
5.11 Sunspot Activity, Magnetic Fields and Planetary Positions
5.12 Alignment of the Planets, 5 May 2000
5.13 Solution to a Space Mystery

1    Introduction

1.1    Basic Concepts

The new unified field theory presented herein offers a different way of modeling the gravitational field.  This new theory shows how the known force fields work together.  We have studied numerous past experimental validations and propose a variety of additional experiments that could be performed that would validate this new theory.  If the theory is valid, it has very far reaching implications as well as application opportunities that could provide significant benefit to society.

The applications cover a large number of disciplines, and there will not be space in this paper to develop how all of these tie in to this new theory. Additional information, for those interested, is available on the web site [].  To date we have 32 such experiments or novel explanations, which have already been done, or they are observables of past experience.  In addition, we list 13 additional potential experiments -- some with potentially important areas of application.  Our hope is that this new theory will be investigated by experts in each of the listed areas, and that they will participate in the pioneering of this new theory as these experimental suggestions are researched.  Toward this end, for those colleagues desiring to join in the research, we are publishing the basic ideas and thought processes to understand the theory before it is fully developed. Also, we are not experts in many of the disciplines where opportunities lie. Experts in each area could perhaps better test the theory and come up with additional opportunities for research or application.  We see the potential for thousands of theses.  It will take the efforts of many as truth validation and application are pursued in cooperation.  The following, beginning, list includes past, in process, and future activities, which validate or would validate this new unified field theory.

This is a List of Validations and/or Applications.  Those items with a leading "[o]" are marked to indicate future experiments.

  1. Provides a basic unified field theory equation and the mechanism of how the known force fields (gravitational, electromagnetic, and the strong and weak nuclear) interact and work together
  2. Explanation of why a nuclear (or very large) explosion has associated with it a column (stem of the mushroom cloud)
  3. Explanation of why the stem of a mushroom cloud extends beyond the mushroom into space to inordinate heights if the explosion is extremely large -- like the thermonuclear fusion hydrogen bomb explosions (called Mike and Bravo) set off in the Pacific of 10.5 and 15 Megatons of TNT equivalent, respectively
  4. Explanation of why on some occasions the stem of the mushroom cloud shrinks inward -- emitting photons as it does so
  5. Predicts that immediately after the time of a nuclear explosion, radiation will be emitted to the core of the earth, where much of it is reflected, and onto the opposite side of the earth (Fortunately for humans, most of the test sites have been opposite large bodies of water, though some unreported repercussions may have occurred with ocean life on the opposite side.)
  6. Explains and predicts significant earth core heating resulting from the accumulated effect of nuclear explosions with spin off characteristics of ocean warming and ozone thinning
  7. Explains the mechanism of core heating of the earth
  8. Provides a mechanism for why the earth has a magnetic field and how and why it can change
  9. Explains the mechanism for the colors in the Aurora Borealis and why it occurs (see write-up)
  10. Explains why Aurora Borealis is more active, in general, than Aurora Australis.
  11. [o]   Provides a simple laboratory experiment using liquid nitrogen to simulate the Aurora Borealis at the North Pole
  12. Explains why Tesla's radio-frequency experiment using the earth as a resonator worked as it did
  13. Explains how whales communicate over very long distances using ULF frequencies
  14. Explains how fireflies remain in synchronism over significant distances -- out of sight of each other
  15. Provides additional explanation for the nature of lightning
  16. Explains much of the phenomena that occurs above intense lightning storms known as "elfs," "blue jets" and "red sprites," only documented within this decade
  17. Provides a mechanism for the coupling between the angular momentum of the Earth's atmosphere and the rotation rate of the earth, which have been observed to be correlated with near zero lag time
  18. Explains why, in part, the static-friction coefficient is typically greater than the dynamic-friction coefficient
  19. Models and predicts the intensity of the sun spot cycles and when the maxima and minima will be
  20. Shows the importance of planetary alignments with the sun, electron flow from the sun, and the dynamics of the magnetic fields of the sun and of the planets as they tie directly to sunspot activity
  21. [o]   The astronomy community predicts no significant effects from the planetary alignment during the first part of May 2000.  Others predict disastrous effects.  This new theory predicts some effects, which includes the possibility of increased radio and electromagnetic transmission interference, the possibility of increased whether activity, the possibility of increased volcanic and earthquake activity, the Aurora Borealis should be large as also for Jupiter and Saturn (except that they will be on the opposite side of the sun from the earth at that time, and will be difficult to observe).  Actually, Jupiter and Saturn line up with the sun around 13 June 2000, which is more significant according to this new theory than the general alignment talked about in May.  Jupiter and Saturn are both slightly inclined in their orbits to the earth's ecliptic plane, and at that time they will be 2.5 degrees apart due to their different inclinations.
  22. Explains why magnetic pole reversals occur in the Sun about every 11 years, and why they occur in the planets as well -- including the earth
  23. Provides a fundamental insight into how and why gravitational fields can be modified, focused and defocused
  24. [o]   Provides a mechanism for constructing an anti-gravity device
  25. [o]   Provides a means of using laser beams to study the profile of the moon
  26. [o]   Provides a unique mechanism, along the lines of Tesla's work, for sending laser signals through the earth and determining the mass center to a very high accuracy.
  27. Provides additional explanation as to why people derive health benefits from jumping on a rebounder (mini-trampoline)
  28. Explains why an egg can be stood on end and remain stable with perturbations present -- even against a perfectly smooth hard surface and with the egg being smooth as well (see write-up)
  29. [o]   Provides a simple mechanism for testing an aspect of this new theory by measuring the RF field of an egg when erect and when on its side as electrons move up and down along the vertical diallel gravitational field lines (see explanation of diallel in section 2.2.1)
  30. Provides additional explanation of the behavior of plant growth
  31. [o]   Provides a simple experiment for aligning seeds along a vertical axis as a validation of this new theory
  32. Explains why after jumping on a trampoline there is the strong tendency for a person's hair to stand out
  33. Provides an explanation of why the images observed in Kirlian photography are thus
  34. [o]   Opens the opportunity for the construction of an "electron-wheel" device which will be very important in measuring the behavior of the gravitational field on the earth or in space (see write-up)
  35. Opens up additional perspectives in the explanation of and behavior of "Black-holes"
  36. Explains why -- on those occasions when the stem of a nuclear explosion mushroom cloud collapses inward -- it turns black.  This is a miniature example of a process that occurs in a black-hole
  37. [o]   Opens the opportunity for validation experiments using electrons, protons and photons
  38. Gives additional importance to the role of neutrons in the balance of nature's forces
  39. Explains the dark bands going out from the sun as observed, for example, during the 11 August 1999 eclipse
  40. Explains the spokes going out radially from Saturn -- observed during the Voyager I encounter -- as the diallel gravitational field lines emanating from that planet being traversed by electrons (as explained below), which were interacting with particles in band-B of Saturn's rings
  41. Explains why satellites, reported by NASA JPL, appear to be heavier than current gravitational theory would account for
  42. [o]   Provides a simple experiment to explain why satellites may appear heavier at times
  43. [o]   Provides an experiment to observe distortions in the local vertical and effects on the period of a pendulum in the immediate proximity of a power transformer station
  44. [o]   Provides an experiment which will give a direct measurement of the relationship between energy of a system and the gravitational attraction, which will also provide an improved value of the Universal Gravitational constant, "G"
  45. Explains why significant variations exist in the estimation of the masses of the planets and of the sun -- depending on how and when the measurements were made
  46. [o]   Suggests an experiment which will find a correlation of the orbit periods of the moons of planets with the energy-density of same
  47. Opens the possibility for a fifth and most important force field -- resulting in an extremely important harmonization of the other force fields

As can be seen from the above list, one of the most encouraging aspects of this new theory is that it provides explanations for many phenomena in nature, which heretofore were not well explained.  Because of space, we will only give a few examples in the text.  Additional information is obtainable from the web-site [].  Even more encouraging are the application opportunities and what they can mean to society.

Having the correct model is key to understanding.  We have the famous historical story of how difficult a time the astronomers had in modeling the position of the planets until the work of Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, and Newton.  The previous model assumed that the earth was the center of the universe.  Given this model, the Greek name for the planets (meaning wanderers) was well deserved -- as no one could predict well their future positions.

Based on the accurate observations of Tycho Brahe, Kepler deduced his three laws of planetary motion, and they were like a fresh breath of air for the modeling and the predicting of planetary motion.  To this day, these laws are very useful.

The technological advancement and the scientific understanding gained since Kepler's era have provided society with the countless blessings of modern technology, but with significant challenges coming from by-products of these inventions and their applications.  This new theory opens up significant hope for reducing or eliminating many of the pollutants that currently plague the world community.

1.2    Combining the Force Fields

The four known force fields in nature are gravitational, electromagnetic, and the strong and week nuclear forces.  This new unified field theory combines these forces into a harmonious working set of relationships.  This was one of the main goals of Einstein before he died, and many have worked on this since. Here, we only introduce this new theory without a full set of working equations.  These yet need to be developed by the theoreticians.

Understanding how these four force fields tie together provides significant physical insight and opens up opportunities for extremely important applications for the benefit of society.  This better allows one to work with nature so that by-products of these technological developments will minimize potentially harmful effects.

This new unified field theory illustrates the harmony of the fundamental force fields and most of the commonly accepted laws of nature.  We present herein a new model, which opens up new perspectives because it provides a different way of viewing the laws of nature.  It also opens the way to a fifth force field, which is consistent with recent findings, and which is the governing force field in a harmonious, well-ordered universe.

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