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Unified Field Theory

      "Physicists have already brought most of the forces of nature into a single underlying theory. The ultimate theory will incorporate gravity as well."

-- Steven Weinberg
TIME, April 10, 2000; p. 86

Now Available

Overview -- New Unified Field Theory (Sept. 16, 2000)

New Theory of Gravity -- A Brief Introduction - New gravity model by David W. Allan introduces an energy density component and diallel gravitational field lines as part of new Unified Field Theory.

Synchronistic Modulation Detection - Incorporating new unified field theory for inexpensive, highly accurate navigation.  'Directions 2001' article by DWA published in GPS World, Dec. 2000.

Exciting News for New Unified Field Theory (UFT) -
Original December 1999 write up now available; additional validation information and experiments.  (Aug. 29, 2000)

Affirmative Results: plumb bob displacement with introduction of energy density source

Nuclear Blast on Moon Would Also Have Columnar Shape - Atomic explosions are classic model of new unified field theory in which high energy particles and photons travel along diallel gravitational-field lines.

Alignment of Planets and Magnetic Field-Sun Interactions - Magnetic field interactions in planet alignments more significant than the gravity tugs. Sun spots correlate to periodic field polarity reversals.

"We are In Touch with Eternity" - Spiritual Ramifications of New Unified Field Theory - man's relationship to God.

The Function of Diallel Lines in Personal Communication and Learning -- The Spiritual Internet - A Working Model by Sterling D. Allan

"Miracles of Mind" and the New Unified Field Theory - Describes seven spectral bands in the diallel line communication channels.

Summary reports of supportive research are also available, as is an overview UFT gallery.  A listing of related sites is also available.

[New!]This website contains all the information that is being made public at this time.  Additional developments are proprietary and are not being disclosed at this time.


Publication Pending

Pending paper (will be titled something to this effect): "New experimental evidence for new unified field theory."  To be published in a peer-review journal.


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