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The Function of Diallel Lines in Personal Communication and Learning -- The Spiritual Internet

** A Working Model **

by Sterling D. Allan
Production Editor,

March 30, 2001; April 2, 2001

'Diallel lines' that emanate radially from all entities are presented as the core of the Unified Field Theory set forth by David W. Allan et. al.1  According to the theory, not only is gravitational 'information' conveyed through these lines beyond the speed of light, but actual 'information' or flow of ideas from one being to another is also carried through the diallel lines.  In the latter case, such information is conveyed without any constraining limits of time but is instantaneous.  It is the primary channel through which communication takes place with the divine.

On a more practical or approachable level, it is a naturally built-in wireless internet that has always existed and which will always exist, whether or not it is acknowledged.  But our awareness of its existence can facilitate our use of its full capacities, which are only partially tapped in the case of most mortals -- just as the brain's capacity is far, far beyond what is typically put to use.  By knowing it exists and pondering its function, we can augment its capacity and increase our ability to communicate and learn truth.  Using Internet vernacular, we can boost our connection speed, increasing the amount of information that can flow, and thus enhance our efficiency and effectiveness.

When people who have had near death experiences describe the mode of conversation between individuals in that sphere, they say that while verbal speech is possible, that most communication takes place telepathically and is far more rapid and accurate.  In the present model, the 'lines' of that communication are the diallel lines.

Likewise, when the scriptures describe the process of receiving revelation from the divine, the lines of that communication as well are through the diallel lines.  These lines are the conduit of light (in a temporal and spiritual sense) and truth.

Most practically, when we pray or meditate, our communications with the divine are conveyed through diallel lines.

By the same token, just as the internet is not discriminating in what sort of information is passed through its lines, likewise, the demonic elements also convey their messages of deception via diallel lines.

But also, like the internet, 'you get what you want' is true of diallel lines.  We consciously and subconsciously choose our connections.  Also, much like the brain, or muscles, where we 'use it or loose it,' these diallel-line connections can be fine-tuned.

Nevertheless, one does not have to be aware of their existence to put them to use.  Whether a person believes in these lines or not, they use them as naturally as the synapses that convey electrical impulses through their central nervous system.

The inventor who comes up with a 'new' idea, has most likely received that idea from unseen angels who have conveyed it to them by inspiration via the diallel lines of communication.  The mother who suddenly receives a feeling of warning about one of her children -- or even on a more seemingly mundane matter such as suddenly 'remembering' that a child needs to be picked up from a friends house -- may have received that impulse from a departed loved one who communicated that feeling of warning or the 'remembrance' to her thoughts via the diallel lines.  The pet, who comes to the rescue of his owner in distress, knowing what to do to save the person's life, most likely received that outside knowledge through the diallel lines.

The regular thinking processes that take place in our mind might be compared to our own personal computer.  The communication that takes place to and from outside of ourselves is accomplished through the diallel lines, and is comparable to a network of computers as epitomized in the Internet's world wide web.

Like the lines of the web, we pick and choose which diallel line connections we make.  The information available is limitless, and technically, we have access to all of it; but logistically, we can only assimilate so much at a time.  It is our choice as to what information we assimilate, at what rate, and in what sequence.

So how might we augment our diallel-line connection to the inexhaustible well of infinite divine wisdom?

Fundamentally, our connection is dependant on our relationship with God, which is typically a function of our love of God and our love and service rendered to God's children.  One does not need to know about the existence of diallel lines in order to commune with the divine any more than a person needs to know how the body works physiologically in order to climb a hill.  But for the professional mountain climber or racer, a knowledge of the body's physiology is going to come into play in being able to optimize his or her performance.  In like manner, the intent seeker of things spiritual will be benefited by an awareness of the existence of diallel lines and a study of their function in the process of that communication.

First, on a simple level, by realizing these connections exist we can increase our 'faith' in things that previously might have been more difficult for us to believe, such as communicating with God and angels, telepathy with other individuals, intuition.  The person who knows about the Internet and its possibilities is more likely to want to use it.  These diallel lines are like the phone lines through which the Internet is connected, but in this case the lines are 'invisible,' though not any less real -- and definitely more reliable.  There is no such thing as 'down time' for diallel lines.

Second, in realizing that these lines exist, we can begin to conceptualize ways to 'speed up the connection' so to speak.  Here is where the various religious modalities come into play.  Each presents their model of how to 'connect' to the divine.  Some methods are more effective than others.  What works for one person given where they are at in life, may not necessarily work for another person.

Because some information could be injurious if dispensed prematurely, God places certain protections (like 'passwords' or filters on the Internet) so that we will only receive that for which we are prepared.

Some of the universal principles to increase receptivity that can be found in just about any religious approach include such factors as: (1) a desire to know God; (2) willingness to serve as an instrument for God; (3) concentration -- freeing oneself from distraction; (4) humility -- preparing one's heart and mind to receive new truth and not reject it because it might seem at first to contradict something in our belief system; (5) a conducive environment, such as uplifting music, fragrances, supportive family and friends; (6) belief in the ability to make such a connection with the divine; (7) genuine and virtuous living -- aligning one's life with the truths that he/she has learned, also called 'obedience' to the teachings one has received from deity; (8) purity of heart -- through the sanctifying power of the divine; (9) forgiving those who have wronged oneself; (10) repentance for wrongs one has committed; (11) asking a question with the belief that an answer will come, seeking that one might find what they are looking for; and (12) deep and heartfelt gratitude for the many blessings from the divine.  There are other factors; and the factors that have been listed above are not necessarily listed in order of importance, for all of them are important factors and play a role in how receptive we are to the divine.

The more these factors are in place, the more these diallel line connections will be facilitated.  In the Internet parlance, having these factors in place is like upgrading one's connection from a basic 28.8kb speed to a high speed DSL or T1 connection.

One may imagine in the ultimate society, where the pure love of God and of one another abounds, that communication would often be at the highest level using these diallel-lines telepathically.  Picture in your mind a world connected by this spiritual internet as it is now connected by a corporeal internet.  Everyone's talents could be readily accessible for the good of the whole.  Everyone would be growing in light and truth in optimum diallel-line coupled communion with each other and with the source of all light and truth.

On the other hand, I suppose that a set of antonymically parallel principles are in place for people who are choosing to make their diallel line connections with demonic sources.  They likewise would have a list of factors to facilitate this process, most of which would have antithesis reflections of the above list.  What would be the end result of a society based on such reverses but destruction and misery.  And such will be the fate of those who choose that path.

We are the masters of our own destiny.  We chart the course we will take.  Like the phone lines of the Internet, the diallel lines are unbiased tools.  How we use them is up to us.

May we choose wisely.


Sterling D. Allan


1. Experimentation has demonstrated the existence of these diallel lines.  See 'research.'  Also, a special thanks to David W. Allan et. al. for their impetus and their helpful feedback in creating this essay.


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Page posted March 30, 2001
Last updated February 07, 2004

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