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Planetary Alignment and Magnetic Field Interaction

David W. Allan
May 5, 2000

In regard to planetary alignment, magnetic field is more important than the distribution of the masses of the planets. For example, volcanic activity on the earth has been shown to be correlated with the magnetic field of Uranus. The planet Uranus has a very strong magnetic field and its spin axis, different than most of the other planets, is very near its orbital plane. So the changes in its magnetic field coupling to the earth and to the sun are much more dramatic.

The intensity of the magnetic field from planet to planet varies dramatically. For those having a strong magnetic field, such as the earth, and the large planets, a significant correlation has been shown between solar emissions and the magnetic fields of these planets. This magnetic field coupling to the sun and the earth changes over the course of the orbits of the planets and is dependant on the magnetic field orientation of each. The changes in the magnetic fields induce changes in the solar emissions from the sun, which in turn affect many things on the earth, such as communication systems, whether systems along with the probability of earthquakes, volcanic activity, and the intensity of our own magnetic field.

The research associated with the new unified field theory has revealed the above information. Associated with this theory is the extremely important discovery of diallel, gravitational-field lines. These lines go out radially from any object. A very evident manifestation of these diallel, gravitational- field lines for the earth is observed in how the energy in an atomic blast goes up a column – forming the mushroom cloud observed. Not only does the energy go up the column, but at the same time it goes down a column to the center of the earth – increasing core heating.

The advent of atomic bombs, atomic testing and of atomic energy has been the main contributor to global warming. The increased core heating of the earth has also triggered the increase in the occurrence of other natural phenomena – including unusual weather systems, increased probability of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, etc.

Our Creator has provided beautiful and inspiring balances in nature. When we through off those balances, there can be serious consequences. If we will work with these balances, rather than against them, there results a harmony between the Creator and the created.

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