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Scientists Discover Divine Ratio: The Great Octagon of the Hopewell Civilization

David W. Allan

March 3, 2010

Scientists discover the "divine ratio" in ancient North American ruins.  One scientist said that these discoveries are more exciting than “putting a man on the moon”. These discoveries bring science and religion together and make them the most significant discoveries that I have seen in my life time. 

Beginning in 1991, Dr. Roger Kennedy, then director of the Smithsonian, became aware of what he calls, “Hidden Cities.” Like him, the more you learn of it the more you will be astounded. Experts estimate that there were some 200,000 mounds and structures built by the Hopewell civilization along the Ohio and Mississippi drainages. Only about 1,000 of them remain (0.5%). The rest have been destroyed because of the colonizer’s attitude of “manifest destiny” – feeling the natives were savages and to redeem these lands from them was their right as a superior, evolved race.

As an example, the Great Octagon and Great Circle are part of a larger Newark, Ohio Earthworks complex which is over 4.5 square miles. The octagon portion of the Great Octagon is large enough to house 4 Roman coliseums and it combined with the other portions of this complex make it the largest and most sophisticated earth mound structure on earth. The angle of the Great Pyramid at Giza from the baseline to the apex is 51.8 degrees. The angle of the Great Octagon through the centers of the Octagon and adjoining circle to true North is 51.8 degrees. Encoded in the walls of the Great Octagon are all eight of the moons lunar alignments over its entire 18.6 year cycle. Dr. Bradley T. Loper, curator of the Ohio historical society says, “This is as inspiring as sending a man to the moon,” and rivals any other architectural achievement.

The 51.8 degrees forms what is called “The Divine Ratio.” If you measure the distance from the base of the Giza Pyramid to the apex divided by the distance from edge of the base to the center of the base, you obtain the Divine ratio. The Divine ratio is found in the five-pointed star, as illustrated. The ratio of b/a can be shown equal to (b+a)/b uniquely for the five pointed star, which is the Divine ratio. And when you solve from the geometry of this configuration, you find it equal to (1 + {square root of 5})/2 = 1.618…, denoted by the Greek letter φ. φ is the only number where you can subtract 1 from it and get its reciprocal: φ - 1 = 1/φ.

A few years ago, I discovered that 51.8 degrees is also a unique angle in a quartz crystal – the importance of this we are only beginning to understand. (Ref.)  About 3 billion quartz resonators are made per year to satisfy the world’s technological needs, and we have also discovered special properties of quartz in conjunction with a unified-field theory (UFT). This UFT is explained in brief in the following link.

The Fibonacci series asymptotes to the Divine ratio in the ratio of the last number to the next to the last number. The series is given by:… In other words, you add up the last two numbers to get the next one. One sees these Fibonacci numbers are replete in nature as is the Divine ratio. As an example of the Divine ratio in the human body, the distance from the top of your head to the tip of your nose divided by the distance from the tip of your nose to your chin is the Divine ratio. You find the same ratio similarly in the ratio of the distance from the tips of your fingers to your elbow to your shoulder, and there are several other instances. The Hopewells, apparently understood all of this as we find it imbedded in their structures and architecture. It is evident in these archeological findings that they are very sacred also.

The Great Octagon has been carbon dated to about 100 to 150 AD, and was evidently a time of great peace and of a highly sophisticated civilization, as there were no defense networks around it. From Rodney Meldrum’s DNA work, this correlates with the “Land Bountiful” in the Book of Mormon, which is where the Savior appeared to them. It seems to have been a very sacred place for them. Rodney’s research of the scientific literature shows that the DNA of the Hopewells traces back to the Holy Land. This civilization ended about 400 AD according to archeologists – matching perfectly the Book of Mormon account.

An extremely common symbol found amongst the Hopewell ruins is the one above with the five nails at the right of the star above and denotes their Deity. If you ask the natives how this is pronounced, you are astounded at how close it sounds to Jehovah. There were five nails used in the Savior’s crucifixion. Our son, Sterling, along with others have the following suggested interpretation of the configuration of the nails: The first two vertical ones on the left denote the Father and the Son; the horizontal one denotes the Holy Ghost, which connects the Savior to the next vertical one, which denotes the Lord’s prophets, and the leaning nail on the right denotes fallen man, who is redeemed by the atonement represented in the five nails of the crucifixion.

In 1860 David Wyrick and others excavated a mound in the center of twelve other mounds and found a stone in a box with a large skeleton. On the stone is inscribed the Ten Commandments around a figure with the translated name of Moses. The writings are readable by Rabbis in ancient “block Hebrew,” which writing style dates back to pre 400 BC. Rodney gave a fireside at our home and showed us a copy of this stone, which may be seen in a museum in Ohio. Rodney also showed us a replica of what is called the “Holy Stone.” Its inscription, also in ancient Hebrew, reads, “Laws of Yahweh-Holy-of-Holies-Word of Yahweh-King of the Earth.” The stone is pointed and the angle of its sides is 23.5 degrees – the exact inclination of the earth’s spin axis to its orbital plane.

In other excavations, an ancient temple has been uncovered in eastern Tennessee that has been labeled by archeologists as an Egyptian style temple. It looks very much like Solomon’s temple. It reminds one of Nephi’s temple mentioned in 2 Nephi 5:16: “And I, Nephi, did build a temple; and I did construct it after the manner of the temple of Solomon.” The location is also correct in Rodney Meldrum’s “Heartland Model.”

I highly recommend that you watch “The Lost Civilization of North America” DVD. You will feel great integrity with the professionals interviewed, and most of them are not LDS. It is one of the most enlightening and inspiring DVDs I have ever seen; the information is truly astounding. You can get it here. Also, learn more by going to the video gallery directly at the following link and watch the clips called 'The Great Octagon' and 'The Great Circle'. You will find these clips very interesting, as well. Rodney’s new 5-disk DVD series is extremely enlightening as well – available at the same link and shares DNA and other evidences. May you share my excitement as the Lord brings these things to light.

Faithfully yours, David W. Allan (See Doctrine and Covenants 121:26-32)

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