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Reversal of Health Challenges and Health Procedures to Counter Aging

by David W. Allan

19 February 2006, updated 29 August 2008

How healthy diet and exercise has addressed problems including: arrhythmia; arteriosclerosis; arthritis; debilitating back injury; blood circulation problems; constipation; symptoms of dementia; eye-sight degeneration; overweight challenges; prostate challenges; and excessive epistaxis.

David Allan climbing a slope on his mountain bike, Aug. 2008

My wife and I just got our results back from “Life Line Screening” tests.  They tested for the risk of stroke, heart-attack, high blood pressure, peripheral arterial disease, and osteoporosis.  I am very happy to report that all my test results came out “normal” in the “low risk” category – in other words, an A+.  It is wonderful to have a high quality of life in my seventy-second year, and I believe the same is available to all.  To that intent, I have written this report – in gratitude to the Lord for what I have received and wanting to share with others.

The intriguing thing is that I was not nearly as healthy some 20 years ago.  I have had several health challenges which have been in large measure reversed.  I t is almost as if I have been able to enjoy a significant level of Age Reversal, which at 71 is much appreciated.  This is so exciting, I feel I would be ungrateful if I did not share.

Health Challenges where I have seen REVERSALS:

I am convinced that the Lord designed our bodies for self-healing if we provide them the right nutrition and treat them as a temple.  With the Lord’s help along with other kind, loving, and supportive people (especially my wife) I have been able to see reversals, by implementing those things learned, in the following 12 health degenerative problems that I have had:

Arrhythmia (life threatening according to the Dr.); 
Debilitating back injury; 
Blood circulation problems; 
Constipation problems; 
Symptoms of dementia; As a scientist, mental clarity is very important for me. I had noticed some deterioration in this very important area; 
Eye-sight degeneration; 
Old high-school football knee injury, which was re-injured playing racket ball, and which stopped me from being able to jog; 
Overweight challenges. 
Prostate challenges; and 
Excessive epistaxis (nosebleeds). 

David Allan doing pull-ups, Aug. 2008

In the following link, I list several of the health-care professionals and their books and reference materials which have significantly helped us (my wife and me) along our healing path.

Arteriosclerosis: This is the primary killing disease in America – causing heart attacks, strokes, etc.  Its debilitating effects and side effects are far more reaching than most realize.  For example, the reduced circulation problems arising from this disease can cause dementia.  When I learned that arteriosclerosis was reversible, this was one of the best pieces of news I had heard, and I went after that reversal with vigor.  We decided to follow a vegan diet at that time (1996).  This helped to reverse several of the symptoms for arteriosclerosis that I had: high blood pressure, chest pains, and pains in my left arm.  If you want to understand why a vegan diet helps reverse arteriosclerosis, read the book that is considered to be the most significant book ever written on the relationship between disease and diet by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, The China Study.  I have a book report on same: or you can get a DVD.  This book or video is one that all should read or see who are interested in what to eat and not to eat for optimum health.  (Ref.)  Dr. Michael Klaper has an outstanding video and DVD entitled A Diet for all Reasons, that profoundly explains, with in depth photos, how to reverse, avoid, and what causes arteriosclerosis.

Arrhythmia: I got poisoned while serving as a missionary in West Africa – leaving me with arrhythmia.  As medical help there was limited, I waited until I came back to the States to deal with this disease.  After they ran tests, I was told by a doctor that my case was life threatening, and that I needed a special heart operation, or I would need to be on special medication (with side effects) for the rest of my life.  I felt to trust in the Lord and seek an herbal route for recovery.  I religiously took several herbs that strengthen the heart – especially Hawthorne berry juice – and within about a half year I enjoyed a full recovery for which I thank the Lord.

Arthritis: My wife had overcome an extremely serious case of arthritis. She was bed-ridden with it and in incredible pain during the winter of ‘77-‘78.  Wheat-grass-juice helped her enormously in reversing this disease.  She used other herbs and foods as well. We learned in ‘95 that meat and dairy products can contribute in a major way to arthritic challenges.  When we chose the vegan diet at that time, my arthritis went away in a matter of months.

Back Injury: About 30 years ago, I injured my lower back while moving a piano – apparently crushed some disks.  I never got medical help as it did not impede me that much.  Unfortunately, over the years, it got progressively worse until during 2002, if I lifted almost anything at all, the muscles in my back would go into spasm – making it such at times that I could not walk (crawl to the bathroom, for example), and the spasms were extremely painful.  I read Dr.  Batmanghelidj’s book on The Bodies Many Cries for Water, which everyone should read, who is interested in optimum health.  I have a book report on this also.  In that book, Dr.  Batmanghelidj references another book that he had written on dealing with back pain: How to Deal with Back Pain and Rheumatoid Joint Pain, This seems to be one of the only books that teaches how to rebuild the disks in the back naturally through being well hydrated, by proper nutrition, and through a good systematic and regular set of back exercises.  I have enjoyed remarkable progress following these guidelines.  My story can be found at the following link in a personal letter to Dr. Batmanghelidj. 

Circulation:  Inadequate blood circulation can have many different causes and can lead to a host of health problems.  Having plugged arteries, veins, and capillaries (arteriosclerosis) is the most common cause of poor circulation.  This typically comes from a poor diet, which is the case for the average American.  Thus atherosclerotic diseases have been the biggest killers of Americans.  Reducing or eliminating meat and dairy products from the diet helps enormously to reverse this health challenge.

However, on the 27th of February 2004 I had a live blood analysis performed by Marie Dahlen, one of Dr. Robert O. Young’s microscopists.  I learned that I had a different circulatory problem called Rouleau.  This is the clumping together of the red-blood cells, because they have lost their zeta-potential or negative charge.  Healthy red-blood cells – carrying this charge – stay separated, maximizing the critically-needed oxygen flow to all the extremities of the body.   This is a much more common disease than most realize, and I had it even though we had been following a vegan diet for eight years at that time.  It is often caused by the body being too acidic, which is typical for most Americans with their meat and dairy centered diets.  In my case, it was too much sugar and yeast in my diet.  The spin off diseases from Rouleau are multitudinous – including dementia.  Rouleau coupled with arteriosclerosis creates additional serious problems.  On the 29th of February 2004, I went on Dr. Young’s supergreens (Innerlight program), and within weeks the Rouleau was totally cleared up as was documented by another live-blood test conducted by our daughter, Karie, who had become a microscopist – trained by Dr. Young.  I felt and looked so much better.  I lost 20 pounds around the middle, where I had wanted to lose it for years.   In addition, my mental clarity improved.  A significant side benefit that I did not anticipate is that my eyesight improved.  I can now read again without glasses.

Constipation problems: This problem went away when I became a vegan – got rid of the meat and dairy and started eating all the wonderful foods that have adequate bulk to keep things moving through.

Dementia: Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa’s book Brain Longevity is an outstanding and pioneering work on both identifying the cause of dementia and providing curative as well as preventative measures – even preventative for Alzheimer’s.  I have prepared an extensive report of his book.

As a result of following Dr. Khalsa’s suggestions – along with a diet that moves the body out of acidity – I have enjoyed a significant measure of renewal in my mental abilities.  I believe Dr. Khalsa’s guidelines are the most poignant to this end.  I have no direct evidence from my own experience, but in his book are many case studies that align with this thinking.

Eye-sight degeneration, old high-school football knee injury, which was re-injured playing racket ball, and which stopped me from being able to jog, and overweight challenges: 

All of these problems have been reversed as I have been using Dr. Young’s supergreens and by following his suggested guidelines for moving the body to a healthy alkaline state of being – toward life instead of toward death (acid).  His book, Sick and Tired, is an excellent optimum health resource and very enlightening.  I have added over the last two years two ENIVA products to my daily supergreen drink: Vibe and Eye Health.  I highly recommend them as well.  They also make it taste good!

Specifically, regarding eye-sight, I had to get glasses in the mid 1990s in order to read.  Following Dr. Young’s program of moving the body to a more alkaline state to get rid of the Rouleau, which happened within two weeks, I noticed after a while that I could see better.  Marie Dahlen was able to reverse macular degeneration for her mother using Dr. Young’s program – including bio-light, a special herbal product that Innerlight sells.  Dr. Lorraine Day has an excellent CD called “Eye See” that tells how to reverse eye diseases and what causes them.  There is a pioneering work of Dr. William H. Bates, The Bates Method for Better Eyesight without Glasses – a tested method for improving vision by the doctor who originated and perfected it.  The book was published by his wife nine years after Dr. Bate’s passing in 1940.  It is now available in paperback.

Prostate challenges: I have learned over the years that the consumption of dairy products (milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, etc.) has a very high correlation with the generation of enlarged prostates and prostate cancer.  I have seen a significant reversal with my prostate problem by following a vegan diet and by using Dr. Robert O. Young’s products, which moves the body’s pH positive.  Dr. Campbell has documented in his research that casein, which is 87% of the protein in cow’s milk, is the most significant carcinogen on the planet – a little known, but extremely important fact.  Dr. Campbell has shown that the extensive consumption of casein in the American diet is the driving cause of prostate cancer and breast cancer – the major killing cancers in men and women, respectively.  He has also shown that the consumption of a small amount of casein is not harmful, but the American diet is way out of balance – being meat and dairy centered.

Epistaxis (nosebleed): Before I went on a vegan diet, I used to get nosebleeds fairly frequently and for no apparent reason.   From time to time, they would happen at very inconvenient times.   I was very happy that those went away, and it is my surmise that it is do to the lowering of my blood pressure, which resulted from the plant-based diet.

Other Useful Health Information:

Exercise Rebounder (mini-trampoline)  In a balanced exercise program, it is critical to have the lymphatic system working properly.  Vertical motion and muscle movement are extremely useful toward enhancing good lymphatic circulation.  A rebounder is very effective in this regard.  We cannot get rid of poisons without good lymphatic circulation and most suffer from this problem.  The lymphatic system is as extensive as the cardiovascular system, as the body uses this system to get rid of toxins, and is integral to our immunity system.  It is important to have a rebounder or something that gives you good regular vertical motion and total muscle movement as part of your exercise program.  Vigorous walking or jogging, for example, will accomplish the same effect.

Grape-fruit Seed Extract (GSE), Nutribiotic.  This should be in everyone’s medical kit.  This saved us from malaria while serving a mission in West Africa .  It is a wonderful natural anti-biotic, anti-fungal, with no side effects.

Dr. Schulzes Echinacea Plus This, also, should be in everyone’s medical kit.  It gives the immunity system a big boost when needed and is very effective in fighting infections and poisons in the body – with no side effects.  Echinacea was the herbal remedy of choice before antibiotics were discovered.

Wheatgrass juice is called “the nectar of rejuvenation, the plasma of youth, the blood of all life. The elements that are missing in your body's cells - especially enzymes, vitamins, hormones, and nucleic acids can be obtained through this daily green sunlight transfusion.”  It is often found in many super-green drinks.  Wheatgrass juice provides numerous benefits: boosting the immunity system, cleansing the lymph system, building the blood, restoring balance in the body.  As a food, it has the ability to move the body’s pH positive more than almost any other food.  It also helps to remove toxic metals from the cells, nourish the liver and kidneys and restore vitality.

Regarding Sufficient Protein   People often ask vegans or vegetarians how they get enough protein. Ironically, the American diet is at about 200% of protein need, and this excess protein in their diets causes an acid condition leaching calcium from the bones.  This is the main cause for osteoporosis being epidemic in America .  With too much protein in the diet, this leaching occurs regardless of how much calcium a person ingests.

The only deficiency in a well balanced vegan (no meat, no dairy) diet is vitamin B12, and this ironically stems from soil-mineral depletion.  There are easy ways to supplement this deficiency.  I like to use a sublingual variety, that is a liquid placed under the tongue with a dropper, called BTOTAL.  It tastes good and is easy to use.

David riding his mountain bike past solar panels at his home, toward his geodesic dome, which grows food year round.

Regular Exercise is essential to good health and in helping to eliminate toxins.  Wayne Pickering said in 1982, “If you don’t find time for exercise now, you will have to find time for illness later!”

In the summer, my wife and I garden, walk, and I enjoy biking (both road and mountain).  I will be 72 next month, and I doubt there is anyone at any age in our little town of Fountain Green who could follow me on the mountain bike trails that I take as I traverse my “short-cut” across the deer trails – as I joke to my wife – on my way back from picking up the mail at the post each day.  In the winter we love to snowshoe and I very much enjoy cross-country skiing.  In addition, I have a regular exercise program that takes about a half hour and integrates Dr. Batmanghelidj’s exercises for my back, Dr. Weil’s deep breathing exercises for a healthy respiratory system, rebounder exercises for a healthy lymphatic system, and several others for general all muscle maintenance.  I typically do this while listening to the scriptures in French – giving me a triple benefit (spiritual, mental, and physical exercise).

Ninety-nine percent of the people in America die of disease.  The 1 %, who die of old age, typically have a high quality of life up to their pleasant passing. I am incredibly grateful to the Lord that he has designed our bodies thus – that properly nourished and properly treated they are self healing.  The really good news is that Dr. Campbell has shown that a whole-food plant-based diet is not only curative but also preventative of almost all diseases.  I have learned wonderful new tastes of a large variety of delightful foods since going this direction, that I never new existed before.   If everyone were to follow the above procedures and guidelines, can you imagine how this would change our country?  We would put the pharmaceutical industry out of business as well as most doctors.  Naturopathic doctors would become very popular and most helpful.  Nursing homes for the aged would not be needed.   Productivity and creativity would dramatically increase.  Perhaps most importantly, we could and would become a people filled with gratitude to our Maker for His countless blessings; in that attitude of gratitude we would love and care for one another.   Has the good Lord given us a way to find a near utopia and we are ignoring it?

If one asks, “Why this information is not better known?”  The Lord answers, “In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days...” He gave us the Word of Wisdom (Doctrine and Covenants 89:), which to me is pure gold for optimum health and general living.  If anyone wants evidence that Joseph Smith, Jr. is a prophet of God, this revelation given in 1833, and thought then to be contrary to good health, has been validated by Doctors  Batmanghelidj, Campbell, Khalsa, Klapper, Young, and many others.

I am also grateful to all those people from whom I have learned important truths on how to live the abundant life.  C. S. Lewis said, “Joy is the serious business of heaven.”  I believe that and that by following God’s laws, loving Him and our neighbors, we can have the greatest happiness in this life and a fullness of joy in the life to come – with our loved ones.  “Look to God and live.”

Dave Allan working out on the rebounder with five-pound weights in his hands. Utilizing Newton’s second law,  F = ma, the ten pounds are multiplied by the amount he accelerates them as he both squeezes them (isometric exercise) and swings them back and forth in all kinds of directions. He uses these during his half-hour work-out to maximize the benefit that can come from the Second Law for broad spectrum muscle tone enhancement for the upper body. One does not need an expensive set of weights or a gym membership to do meaningful and enjoyable exercise.  If you don't enjoy it, you wont do it.  Note that now his belt has been decreased in diameter to the last hole!

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