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Affirmative UFT experimental result at BYU 3 Aug 2000


Date: Aug 04 2000 14:23:08 EDT
From: "Allan's Time Interval Metrology Enterprise newsletter" <>
Subject: [A-TIME] Affirmative UFT experimental result at BYU 3 Aug 2000

Dear friends and family,
Just a note to let you know some exciting news.  It is now 12:30 a.m., and
I just got home from spending all day an evening at BYU to measure the
bending of diallel, gravitational field lines using a suspended mirror to
define the local vertical and a laser interferometer to measure
displacement as we introduced an energy-density source underneath it to
bend the diallel lines.
The size of the effect was small and barely above the measurement noise,
but not only was it there, it was also the value we had calculated within
the uncertainties of the measurement.  We still have a lot of analysis to
do on the data before we write it up, but at this point, I am very happy
that someone else is now witness to a deliberate  experiment to test this
new theory, and with affirmative results.
Much more later,
Dave Allan



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