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A unified field theory, including a new theory for gravity and experimental evidence, is introduced by an internationally recognized leader in the field of ultra-precise time and frequency measurements, David W. Allan

      "After the third tribulation, a new source of energy will be discovered that taps the earth's magnetic field."

-- Hopi Prophecy

      "Physicists have already brought most of the forces of nature into a single underlying theory. The ultimate theory will incorporate gravity as well."

-- Steven Weinberg, TIME, April 10, 2000; p. 86

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For the weekend scientist: evidence of new gravity theory in your refrigerator.

egg standing on end stabilized by resonance of electrons flowing along earth's diallel lines

Formulae behind new U.F.T.: Justifications, experiments, evidence.


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On the Lighter Side . . .

Flying Green Rhino by Kevn Lambson
Flying Green Rhino, an alternative theory of gravity
set forth by Dave's son-in-law, Kevn Lambson of
idearstudios, who has also done some
of the graphics work for this website.


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