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David W. Allan

      Physicist talks about God's relationship to Man, in answer to the question: "Did man create God, or did God create man?"

The Most Fundamental Questions of Life

"What is man, that thou art mindful of him?" queried the Psalmist (Psalms 8:4). Certainly, among the deepest philosophical and religious questions are to understand where we came from, why we are here, where we going, and who we really are. How valuable would it be to know our true purpose in life and to know how we can achieve our full potential? How can we have the greatest joy? Are we truly the "...offspring of God," and does He know us personally? Within our mortal sphere, limited by our five senses, the tendency is to bounce around wondering and philosophizing about the answers to these profound questions. But are we limited to these five senses?

Some Scientists’ Views and Answers

In his 1994 book, The Physics of Immortality, Professor Frank J. Tipler says, "It is time scientists reconsider the God hypothesis... The time has come to absorb theology into physics, to make Heaven as real as an electron."Tipler was an atheist and converted himself to the existence of God and the reality of the resurrection from the fundamental laws of nature that he discovered. Einstein so aptly said, "Science without religion is lame, Religion without science is blind."

The greatest natural scientist of the 18th century, Louis Agassiz, said in his search for truth, "A physical effect is as sacred as a moral principle. Our own nature demands from us this double allegiance."1 Agassiz was known as "the Father of the Ice Age." He established the famous Museum of Comparative Anatomy at Harvard University and he and his wife also established Radcliffe. Charles Darwin used the work of Agassiz in the formulation of his Origin of the Species. Once on meeting the poet Longfellow, Darwin commented, "What set of men you have in Cambridge! Why, there is Agassiz – he counts for three."2

In contrast, Agassiz felt that Darwin, "...overstepped the boundaries of actual knowledge and allowed his imagination to supply the links which science does not furnish."3 In Agassiz’s search for truth, he sought to understand the mind of the Divine. He said, "In our study of natural objects we are approaching the thoughts of the Creator, reading his conceptions, interpreting a system that is His and not ours."4 Every fact in nature was sacred to Agassiz. He believed that God’s revelations to man are not only in the Bible but also in the book of Nature.

As Agassiz sought the mind of the Divine he felt inspired on numerous occasions. Once he had a dream repeated over three consecutive nights revealing the shape of a fossil fish that he had been unsuccessful in classifying. He felt that it was concealed in a mass of stone he had found. He drew the picture from his dream, then chiseled away the stone to find exactly the image he had drawn. His great gifts as a teacher and a researcher helped to elevate Neuchatel, Switzerland into one of the great centers of science in Europe.

Agassiz knew of the revelations of God and listened to the Spirit from the mind of the Divine. Many other great thinkers and contributors to our society have followed this same pattern – playing a hunch as an enlightening thought entered their minds or listening to feelings of their hearts about a proper direction. Most of the founding fathers of America were of similar stature – those who gave us the liberty we have so long enjoyed and which enticed people like Agassiz to come to America to build their dreams. I call this sense – beyond the five – the eternity domain. Over the course of my scientific career the eternity domain has ever increased in its importance, as well as the importance of agency and the freedoms we enjoy. These, now, are cornerstone to my life. We will see how the eternity domain ties into a new paradigm and into a new and exciting unified field theory (UFT). We will clearly see that we are not restricted to just the five senses in finding out the answers to the above fundamental questions.

Miracles of Mind

Recently, Targ and Katra5 in their book Miracles of Mind provide consistent and repeatable data, using the empirical-scientific method and drawing upon their own and several others’ experiences. They couple into this eternity domain in their research and experiences. Their book is the first to report some of the recently declassified research findings of over more than twenty years and coming from the files of the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Army, the Navy, and NASA.

Their data base includes documented cases of mind-to-mind communication, mind-to-body, mind-to-cell, object-to-mind, mind-to-object, and most importantly mind-to-God and God-to-mind. They often refer to God as the "universal higher consciousness." Dr. Jane Katra shares some very personal experiences in how she came to know and feel the excitement from the "light" emanating from this Universal Consciousness, which is her name for God, and which she believes is available to all.

Your Plants Know of Your Love

Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird6 document some remarkable examples of mind-to-plant and plant-to-mind interactions. For example, a plant attached to a lie detector reacted violently when an expert thought about burning one of its leaves. A philodendron, activated by a thought impulse from an electronics technician, started a car two-and-a-half miles away. From their introduction we read,

Evidence now supports the vision of the poet and the philosopher that plants are living, breathing, communicating creatures, endowed with personality and the attributes of soul. It is only we, in our blindness, who have insisted on considering them automata. Most extraordinary, it now appears that plants may be ready, willing, and able to cooperate with humanity in the Herculean job of turning this planet back into a garden...

As we will see, both Tompkins and Bird’s data as well as Targ and Katra’s data are incredibly consistent with this new UFT and model of how all these communications and interactions work together. As Dr. Dossey writes in the Foreword to their book, "Russell Targ and Jane Katra provide compelling reasons why the limited view of consciousness must give way to an expanded one in which the mind knows no bounds... This means that in some sense our consciousness is infinite – soul-like and boundless, limitless and immortal." As Dossey further states, "In the modern era, the belief in the infinite nature of consciousness has been considered illusion at worst or a matter of faith at best. But as Targ and Katra show, it is now a matter of data. And in our culture, in which science is so highly valued, this four-letter word makes an immense difference... We thus stand at a landmark period in human history."

New Unified Field Theory

Einstein said, "There are only two ways to live your life: One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is. I believe in the latter." And from David Bohm, "The great strength of science is that it is rooted in actual experience. The great weakness of contemporary science is that it admits only certain types of experience as legitimate."

We have been investigating this new and very exciting unified field theory (UFT) since 1999. It is consistent with the above, and with very far reaching ramifications and insights – both as to the initial fundamental questions cited at the beginning of this article, as well as in providing a new paradigm in how to view nature. In addition, major insights are gained into the workings of the eternity domain – beyond our fifth sense.

We have conducted six experiments to date to distinguish the new theory from the traditional scientific view, and have affirmation on all six. A seventh, an extremely important one for communication and navigation systems, is in progress. If you wish, you may read about these on our web site and at Also, a very intuitive article about this new theory has been written by my oldest son, Sterling D. Allan (our web master) at

In summary in this new theory, we propose the existence of diallel-field lines that emanate from any entity – affording its connection and communication channel with any other entity. So far we have demonstrated the existence of these diallel-field lines and that they have quantum states. Einstein gave us four dimensions with his (special and general) theories of relativity. This new theory requires at least a fifth dimension. We have also shown experimental evidence of the existence of this fifth dimension.

The Magic of Seven

As is known, there are seven basic electron shells that provide the fundamental quantum states for the electrons making up all of the known elements. These, nominally, have spherical symmetry. The diallel-field lines, nominally, have cylindrical symmetry and seven communication channels. Interestingly, there are seven spectral bands in these communication channels. They may be divided up in generic terms as follows: 1) the communication band (TV, radio, satellite, etc.); 2) the molecular band (coming from quantum transitions outside the nucleus); most of the visible light from the sun is in this band; 3) the nuclear band (coming from quantum transitions inside the nucleus) – a nuclear blast is a manifestation of this band; 4) the creation and/or annihilation band (where E = mc2 as matter and light convert with the emission and/or absorption of cosmic rays); 5) this is nominally the gravitational-field band; 6) this is the band used for mind-to-mind, mind-to-object, mind-to and from-God, ESP, etc.; 7) this is the band used by our great-loving Creator to bring about the grand harmony we see in the heavens and the earth. Bands five, six and seven are not limited by space and time and the velocity of light, for example, consistent with that suggested in the book of Targ and Katra.

Evidence of Diallel-Field Lines

As discussed in our papers, there is actually a lot of evidence for these diallel-field lines. Some simple examples are the aurora-borealis for the earth, the aura of an individual, which some can see and as may be scientifically observed using Kirlian photography. The data in Targ and Katra’s book and in Thomphin’s and Bird’s book also provide direct evidence of the existence of a heretofore unknown communication channel that can be well explained with these diallel-field lines.

Relationship to Near-Death Experiences

Because of its relevance to this new theory, I have made a study of several peoples near-death experiences. These experiences are of particular interest because they move into this fifth dimension and the eternity domian during the NDE. I have become very good friends with some of the authors of books about NDEs, and they have greatly appreciated some scientific explanation for their experiences.

Fifth Dimension

This fifth dimension opens up some extremely important understandings about how the universe works – validating not only the existence of God, but also our relationship to God. This new theory has come as a result of opening ourselves up to a very different paradigm – providing a harmony between all of the force fields in nature as well as with this new, fifth dimension beyond relativity. This new UFT has provided consistencies to heretofore unexplained inconsistencies as well as providing potential solutions to previously-unsolvable problems.

Religion vs. Science

Up until the last three centuries, the religionist (loosely defined) played a paramount role in being the source and disseminator of "truth," as perceived by them. Prior to the scientific revolution during the Dark Ages, some of the darkest oppressions of scientific endeavor were a result of religious subjectivity and suppression during this period. Some argue (such as Bertrand Russell, for example) against religion, because of the atrocities performed in the name of religion that were perpetrated. The Dark Age era saw scientific inquiry hit an all time low. The scholars of this period, such as Tertullian, Jerome, and Augustine used rhetoric and cleverness to convince the mind of man. Appropriate is the quatrain of Omar Khayyam:

Myself when young did eagerly frequent

Doctor and Saint and heard great argument

About it and about: but evermore

Came out by the same door where in I went.

To conclude that all religion is bad because bad things are done in the name of religion would be a serious error of generalizing from the specific. Similarly, to conclude that there are no absolute truths because one observes that scientific truths evolve and change – even under strict scientific inquiry – would also be a serious error of generalizing from the specific.

In our ultimate quest for "Truth" with a capital T -- those absolutes we can always count on – this eternity domain becomes essential. Finding the "truth" with a lower-case "t" in the form of theorems has been the quest of the scientific method since it was introduced a few centuries ago. The lower-case "t"is used, because these truths are known to change and to be modifiable as new understandings come forth.

Though everyone is grateful to Galileo, Bacon, etc. for developing the scientific method that broke the shackles of subjectivism and religious oppression, we need to ask the question, "Has the pendulum swung too far?" The scientific method triggered the technological explosion of the last few centuries. As a spin-off in this modern era, we find ourselves worshiping objectivism, relativism, humanism, and the mortal mind. Have we slid into the situation where we believe that God, absolutes (including intrinsic moral values), and the eternity domain (our conscience and spiritual sensitivities) are not important to guide our lives? The breakdown of our social fabric is a serious manifestation of what happens when we turn from God and when such values are rejected as anchors in our lives. Society tends to selfishly seek after things that satisfy the lusts of the flesh, ignoring the guidance of the Spirit, lacking faith in an eternity domain and a higher power to bring true fulfillment to their lives. Such a society, as we have now, lacking the faith of Agassiz to seek for the absolute "Truths" of the Divine mind, heads for self destruction, having no cornerstone upon which to build a solid foundation or guidance mechanism by which to steer our ship on a safe course in the midst of the storms of life.

Will Technology Save Us?

Many suppose that technology will save us. Look at how far we have come and what we have accomplished, they say. The five senses, the human mind, and scientific thinking have brought us so far in science and medicine. But in this process we have turned from the need for faith and taken God out of much of our society and of our schools.

Does a Scientist Need Faith?

In this connection a very fascinating and remarkable stipulation is imposed upon mathematics by the famous theorem of Kurt Godel. The "...formal systems with which Godel worked are sufficiently rich in syntax for the derivation of all of classical mathematics (and presumably of much of mathematics yet to be developed)."7 In brief, Godel's theorem proves that for a system to be consistent it must contain "undecidable" propositions; i.e. the scientist has to have faith -- even the atheist! Faith in what? Hopefully, most would say, "That which works well and brings about good in the world." Einstein said, "...the deeper that I delve into the sciences of the universe, the more firmly do I believe that one God, or force, or influence, has organized it for our discovery."8 Clearly, Einstein was a believer in his own right.

W. H. Murray profoundly stated:

Until one is committed There is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, Always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), There is one elementary truth, The ignorance of which kills countless ideas And splendid plans: That the moment one definitely commits oneself, Then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one That would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision Raising in one's favor all manner Of unforeseen incidents and meetings And material assistance, Which no man could have dreamt Would have come his way. I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe's couplets:

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

In1961, Gustaf Stromberg of the Franklin Institute proposed a fifth dimension based on some experiential information. He suggests that this fifth dimension, called the "eternity domain" gives to time elasticity while maintaining sequence. He further explains that this eternity domain can described as an Almighty, Wise and Living Person, the Creator of all things, physical, mental, and spiritual. In our mind we have an "image" of this Person, and an idea of His existence and nature. We are created in His image,... We can also understand that this Person in His wisdom may select one or more souls to carry important messages and admonitions to other human souls,... Some of these messages we can also hear directly when we listen to the voice of the "Cosmic Conscience." They tell us unequivocally that the essence of Divine law can be expressed in the simple admonition: "Love ye one another!"9

Documentation of NDEs

In 1975, Dr. Raymond Moody added significantly to the body of knowledge that Stromberg was alluding to with numerous case histories carefully documented in his classic book, Life after Life. These several experiences augment this fifth dimension, eternity domain thesis. One very well documented experience has been recorded in a separate book, Return from Tomorrow -- the story of the physician and psychiatrist Dr. George Ritchie. In his Near Death Experience (NDE) he saw a spiritual laboratory where objects yet to be built on earth were being created spiritually. Years later, he saw these objects in reality. Several others have now also documented similar experiences as those of Dr. Ritchie’s.

There is now a very large data base of well documented NDE experiences (there are now more than13 million recorded). To ignore this would be dishonest. We need to be as Agassiz and seek for the creative mind of the Divine in the facts at hand – being honest with ourselves and to all of our senses. In many documented cases, the person having the NDE tells of things that would have been impossible for them to know in their state of unconsciousness. These things they know by their spirit and intelligence that left their bodies. The counsel given by Polonius to his son, Laertes in Shakespeare’s Hamlet seems most appropriate, "This above all: To thine own self be true. And it must follow as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man." In summary, the NDE experiences validate some very important facts – taken as a whole – and that are also consistent with the new UFT. One of which is that there is a spirit that lives in each of us and the "real person" continues on after death. This is now well documented.

Is there Life Before Birth?

A logical question one asks – given this life after death validation – does the spirit exist before birth. There are several people investigating this question, and there are now some books independently documenting that our spirits lived in a heavenly sphere before we were born. The research here is not nearly as mature as that documenting life after death, but still is far enough along that I wish to share a little of it herein.

In one of the more recent books, Sarah Heinze documents several instances of where family members or friends have seen the spirits of those yet to be born – then validate their perceptions of the same after the births of these individuals.10 In another book, Roy Mills writes of his experience in the pre-mortal eternity domain:

[Life’s] main purpose is to create greater spiritual love for us all.... Some people become so earthbound in their thinking that they use their freewill to ignore their mission after they are born.... We must always remember that we are much, much more than our minds and bodies, and that earth is definitely not our home. Our choices during our most bitter trials... are part of our earthly experience,... We can use them... to make positive choices... 11

As alluded to by Mills, the choices we make are extremely important to us here in mortality.

How Important is Freedom of Choice?

If we ask the very profound philosophical question, "What is the principal governing principle determining the direction of the universe?" We have learned that it is agency – our right to choose. If we choose to follow the spirit of Light and Truth, to have integrity, we contribute to the grand harmony of the universe. In so doing, we bring about a feeling of peace, of love, and of oneness – bring about goodness in our own lives and also to those we serve. If we choose otherwise, our minds become dark; contention permeates our relationships. Feelings the opposite of peace, love and harmony are the fruits thereof. Our choice makes all the difference in time and in eternity. The world cannot be forced to be good. Well did Will Durant say, "The world does not grow better by force or by the policemen's club."

Life is about Love – and Trials Also!

Almost without exception, the people experiencing NDEs come back knowing that life and eternal life is about choosing to follow the course of love. The NDEs tell us that our trials are also an important part of our mortal experience. Our choice in terms of how we deal with these trials is also very important. Like Viktor Frankl documented in his pivotal book, Man’s Search for Meaning, in the face of any adversarial confrontation we can chose to be a loving, caring person. The saying, "Attitude determines altitude" seems to fit. Again, Will Durant said,"Those who have suffered much become very bitter or very gentle." It is our choice.

Why does a God, Who is Good, Allow Evil?

Herman Melville in his classic book, Moby Dick, deals with the fundamental philosophical question, "How can a God, who is good, create evil?" Looking at all the injustices in life and at the challenges we face, we are brought to ask why a loving God would bring these upon us and especially upon the innocent? In many of these NDEs, and in other places as well, it is made known that there needs to be opposition for us to grow – that opposition is a necessary part of a loving Creator’s plan. An outstanding book entitled, Heavenly Answers to Earthly Questions, by Dr. Joyce Brown12 provides fundamental insights from her NDE into why opposition is necessary. Hundreds of potential suicide victims have written to her – thanking her for saving their lives and giving them purpose for living. Dr. Brown has helped them and us understand the need for and the value of opposition in their lives and in ours. Her book graphically portrays that we can help build our "retirement fund" in heaven by working and struggling through the problems we encounter, rather than seeking ways to escape them.

The irony is that God allows opposition in all of its infinite variety of forms in order to complete His Plan of Happiness. If we did not know the bitter, we could not know the sweet. These opposition contrasts help us to appreciate all of the infinite variety and forms of "light" and Truth that witness of the goodness and love of God as viewed by Agassiz and by any others who choose to tune in to their eternity domain.

Is Satan Real?

That Lucifer or Satan and devils are realities in the realm of spirits is often hard for people to accept. C. S. Lewis says in his intriguing book The Screwtape Letters, "There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about the devils. One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other is to believe, and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them. They themselves are equally pleased by both errors and hail a materialist or a magician with the same delight... Further, Lewis with great insight says, "Prosperity knits a man to the World. He feels that he is "finding his place in it", while really it is finding its place in him." In so doing, the person moves toward idolatry and away from God.

Now, with the profound evidence of the existence of God, we also need to appreciate the reality of him who is in opposition to God. George A. Smith13 said it well:

The mind that can assume there is no God—no good; can as consistently claim —no evil. As well say there is no right, no wrong, and consequently no morality for man. Man's own nature, his own consciousness [eternity domain] teaches him other than this; that there is right and wrong, and his happiness depends upon doing the one, and not doing the other. Crime and wrong-doing always follow this conscience-searing, soul-destroying notion: "No eye seeth me." When man chooses to work in the dark, unseen, it is because his deeds are evil; so adjudged by himself. That which is right and good seeks no obscurity; such deeds are performed in the light, to be seen of all, the conscience fully approving.

Seeing demonic spirits as part of his NDE experience was part of bringing about a most dramatic change in the life of Howard Storm. He records in his recent book, My Descent into Death and the message of love which brought me back.14 He documents how his NDE moved him in a most dramatic way from atheism to becoming a minister of the gospel. Prior to his near death experience, he was an art professor and an artist. As a result of the experience, he made some remarkable changes in his life and gained some very meaningful insights. For example, he learned that "each of us is free to choose whether we are proponents of God’s will or opponents of God’s will... Knowing and doing God’s will is the curriculum in this life."

Howard further learned while on the other side of the veil that, "God will not demand your love. That defeats the very nature of love. Love must be a choice. You cannot scare people into loving. That is not love, it is submission. God doesn’t want slaves. God wants people freely to choose love.... Our cultural bias is collective egocentric pride... To know God, we have to surrender our individual and collective pride/ego if we are ever to know God’s love.... The universe exists because it is the activity of God... it is like a vast orchestra and God is the conductor. Each individual is an instrument with unique qualities. All the souls contribute in their unique way to the symphony of creation... It is no coincidence that music is called the universal language and music is used as a form of worship. All God’s children have a place in the choir." He continues, "God loves everyone beyond anything we can imagine. God loves atheists, agnostics, murderers, prostitutes, thieves, drunks, drug addicts, homeless people, and liars. God abhors behavior that demeans and destroys Godliness, but God loves the person." "How we live lovingly with our brothers and sisters is who we truly are." His insights are inspiringly consistent with the new UFT and stand as an independent validation of certain key aspects.

We Need a New Set of Physics

From the above observations, one is led to believe that there is a whole set of physics that we do not now appreciate, but which is quickly coming to be understood and proven, and which is consistent with these documented experiences in this fifth dimension – the eternity domain. Regarding our death, the above cited information would also support the Biblical statements: "Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it," (Eccl. 12:7) We are eternal beings and offspring of God. As we project the implications of this new UFT over the next several decades, we may anticipate that we will no longer be constrained by gravity or the speed of light. Communication may be by spiritual thought waves, and the current navigation systems, which we have developed using the five restrictive senses, may become archaic in comparison with developments coming out of these new understandings.

The Ideal Society

The anticipated ideal society of that era will be based on unselfish service with no poor nor rich, but all will enjoy together the abundance of the earth. Such a society will have a people motivated from within by pure love. The love of God and neighbor will be their prime mover and guiding principle. If we are to learn an extremely important lesson from history, it is that a purging process is necessary to waft society toward goodness and purity. We may yet see the worst world war and other incomprehensible tribulations before our world society is purged sufficiently. Societal purity can be measured by the thoughts we think and the things we do. We can look to God and live the full and abundant life much as did Agassiz, or we can serve selfish ends with the final result being empty and being devoid of fulfillment and true happiness.

Truths of God

As we learn of the exciting Truths of God, with a capital T, we come to know not only of His existence, but that we are His spirit offspring with inherent divinity within us. Now new paradigms are needed in order to appreciate these new dimensions and Truths. I am reminded of a quote from Einstein, "Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence." Quoting again from Will Durant, "There is no worse lie than a truth misunderstood by those who hear it." Truth, wisdom, light and understanding are our goals.

The Future

As I look at the past and anticipate the future, with great expectation, I wonder if in contrast to the past that one of our current worst inhibitors are the limiting traditions that the five senses of science have placed upon us. Whereas oppressive religion appeared to be the main impedance during the dark ages, I believe enlightened religion and understanding the "eternity domain" will be our ultimate answer to the world's ills and will be a key factor into achieving the ideal society we seek. We need to open our hearts and minds to Truth with a capital T -- look to God and live.


An atheist believes that there is no God, but has no facts to prove this belief. One is not surprised to learn that only about 2 % of the American populace consider themselves atheists. The atrocities of atheism in modern time make religious atrocities pale in comparison. For example, Stalin murdered 43 million, Mao Tse-Tung 38 million and Hitler 21 million. There is no sanctity of life in atheism.

Don’t Blame God

For those who have "eyes to see", the manifestations of God’s love are everywhere that we turn. It is "Man’s inhumanity to man that makes countless thousands weep." For this we cannot nor should not blame God, but realize in the all important choices we make, that as we chose to follow light, truth and God’s wisdom, we can and will grow in Truth, in Light, and in deep appreciation of the marvels of this glorious universe in which we live. Indeed, we can look to God and live in peace and joy in time and in eternity – even in the midst of tribulation!

HE LIVES! And We Shall Live Also

We now have irrefutable evidence of the existence of God and of His love for each of us. I, personally, know that God lives and that He loves each of us, and that love is the prime mover in the universal plan for us as children of God. We are His sons and daughters – begotten in the spirit – and have a divine connection to Him as we open up our eternity domain. Herein, we can couple to the eternity domain and learn to follow each of our missions in mortality – that our lives may reach their full measure of joy and fulfillment. Using the eternity domain, we can come to know God, "and enjoy the words of eternal life in this world, and eternal life in the world to come, even immortal glory;" (Moses 6:59)


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